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Wanna be a Roller Girl?

Any female 18 and over can try out to be a skater. We recruit women of all backgrounds. You don’t have to be a speed skater or even an awesome skater. Our annual new recruit camps will teach you what you will need to know about skating, falling, and playing roller derby. What being a roller girl requires is dedication, hard work and a good attitude.

Recuitment Dates for 2019:

Boot Camp Date: 

New recruit camp for the 2018 season is over, but don’t let that stop you. We can get you in to Sparks and Wreck and test you in.

If I make it through New Recruit Camp Testing (Tryouts), what can I expect?

1. Pay monthly dues of $50 and an annual insurance fee of $75
2. Attend at least 2-3 practices a week
3. Purchase your own gear and keep all equipment in good shape
4. Work hard and play hard all the time
5. Follow Omaha Rollergirls Bylaws & Code of Conduct
6. Be part of Omaha’s fastest growing sport and be a part of the best female sport around!

But if the recruitment period has passed what do I do?

If we are not actively recruiting we could still use your talents and time! We are always looking for help at our games in the form of volunteers and non-skating officials. If you are interested in helping in this capacity please email our Recruitment Director. This is the best way to get an idea of what to expect and also show the girls you are dedicated to helping the league grow!

To prep you for our recruitment period you can join the recreational league, Sparks and Wreckreation, at any time throughout the year. You’ll learn the same skills as you would in ORG’s New Recruit Camp and you can play roller derby at a non-competitive level.

Contact our Recruitment Director, with any further questions: [email protected]m

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